Mleiha Archaeological Centre - Complete Guide & Information

Each of the vibrant Emirati cities in the UAE offers fun-filled activities and adventures for all. For all the history and archaeology buffs, heritage sites in Sharjah offer exciting activities and adventures for all ages. Ancient history enthusiasts would enjoy a visit to the, to learn more about the early history of the region including the first human arrivals in modern-day Sharjah.

If you are planning a day trip to this historic site with the family, here is the complete guide to Mleiha Archaeological Centre with details on its most popular activities and attractions.

The Complete Guide To Mleiha, Things To Do, Destination Highlights And Much More!

MyBayut’s Mleiha guide will surely tempt you to take a journey back in time. If you are planning a trip to Mleiha, make sure to spend some time to explore the exhibits and learn about ancient life in the area. Here’s a list of the most popular aspects of the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, which is the main attraction of the area. There is also an upcoming Mleiha Desert Resort, a multi-million dollar eco-tourism project, complete with adventure trails, historic attractions and more.

Explore The Archaeological Relics Predating Islam

One of the most interesting facts you learn here is that human arrival in modern-day UAE began over 130,000 years ago. Today, Mleiha Archaeological Centre has numerous archaeological sites with ancient relics from the Bronze Age.

Your first stop in this ancient history expedition is going to be The Mleiha Fort, a 2000-year-old structure that once served as a symbol of might, and dates back to the late pre-Islamic period. The Palace Mleiha is also of special interest, which is a monumental multi-roomed building with plastered flooring.

Another attraction is the impressive archaeological tomb of Mleiha called the Umm an-Nar Tomb. The Umm an-Nar Tomb is one of the several tombs in the main Burial Chambers in the Mleiha area. This magnificent tomb was constructed around 2300 BCE. The place offers visitors an opportunity to encounter ruins from the Paleolithic period in Sharjah and learn about the ancient history of the UAE.

The Fossil Hunt Expedition

The fossil hunt expedition is the best way to learn about the traditions, culture and history of Mleiha. The excursion comes in two packages. In the standard package, you can learn to make fossil casts by using centuries-old fossil. Those who want to experience a little more than making fossil casts can opt for the premium package. It includes a long walk around the ancient sea beds where you can explore the final resting place of the majestic sea creatures from that time. The expedition packages include a comprehensive tour of the Mleiha museum Sharjah, which is home to several artefacts from thousands of years ago.

The building and its form invite three key experiences: the gentle descent to the Tomb, the promenade to the roof and thirdly, the Exhibition itself telling the story of the Tomb as well as the history of the region

The rich sandstone walls appear as if partly buried in the sand. They frame the experience and flow of the visitor through the site, allowing them to either approach the Tomb directly or promenade up to a viewing platform on the roof for a view over the Tomb and the surrounding Fossil Rock mountains.

Once inside the visitor is welcomed by a lobby with a small courtyard around an indigenous Ghaf tree, providing a soft filtered light in contrast to the bright desert sunlight. The Ghaf tree sits in its original location, and was protected throughout the construction stage. Not dissimilar to the way the Tomb was protected, creating juxtaposition between man and nature, past and present.