Mleiha Archaeological Centre - Complete Guide & Information

Each of the vibrant Emirati cities in the UAE offers fun-filled activities and adventures for all. For all the history and archaeology buffs, heritage sites in Sharjah offer exciting activities and adventures for all ages. Ancient history enthusiasts would enjoy a visit to the, to learn more about the early history of the region including the first human arrivals in modern-day Sharjah.

If you are planning a day trip to this historic site with the family, here is the complete guide to Mleiha Archaeological Centre with details on its most popular activities and attractions.

The Complete Guide To Mleiha, Things To Do, Destination Highlights And Much More!

MyBayut’s Mleiha guide will surely tempt you to take a journey back in time. If you are planning a trip to Mleiha, make sure to spend some time to explore the exhibits and learn about ancient life in the area. Here’s a list of the most popular aspects of the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, which is the main attraction of the area. There is also an upcoming Mleiha Desert Resort, a multi-million dollar eco-tourism project, complete with adventure trails, historic attractions and more.

Explore The Archaeological Relics Predating Islam

One of the most interesting facts you learn here is that human arrival in modern-day UAE began over 130,000 years ago. Today, Mleiha Archaeological Centre has numerous archaeological sites with ancient relics from the Bronze Age.

Your first stop in this ancient history expedition is going to be The Mleiha Fort, a 2000-year-old structure that once served as a symbol of might, and dates back to the late pre-Islamic period. The Palace Mleiha is also of special interest, which is a monumental multi-roomed building with plastered flooring.

Another attraction is the impressive archaeological tomb of Mleiha called the Umm an-Nar Tomb. The Umm an-Nar Tomb is one of the several tombs in the main Burial Chambers in the Mleiha area. This magnificent tomb was constructed around 2300 BCE. The place offers visitors an opportunity to encounter ruins from the Paleolithic period in Sharjah and learn about the ancient history of the UAE.

The Fossil Hunt Expedition

The fossil hunt expedition is the best way to learn about the traditions, culture and history of Mleiha. The excursion comes in two packages. In the standard package, you can learn to make fossil casts by using centuries-old fossil. Those who want to experience a little more than making fossil casts can opt for the premium package. It includes a long walk around the ancient sea beds where you can explore the final resting place of the majestic sea creatures from that time. The expedition packages include a comprehensive tour of the Mleiha museum Sharjah, which is home to several artefacts from thousands of years ago.


Digital 4K Camera: A Revolution To The Photography World

Photography is a world of a lot of learning, adventure, creativity, and fun. As the saying goes A picture speaks a thousand words. But creating that picture also include thousand of efforts. Photography is a term used for painting with light. A photograph has the power to connect with someone emotionally. Photography is considered as both art and science. As an art, it uses imagination, a creative mind and lots of playing with angles and frames. On the other, it's considered as science as it uses many technical things like the equipment camera, lights, and more. It has post-processing that is done using the software so it is never wrong to consider it as science.

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Difference between analog and digital camera

Analog camera

For a long time, photography has a long process. There was a time when pictures were capture using photographic film. Analog cameras capture images by exposing films to the light. Analog cameras are more affordable. There are many types of analog cameras including a single-lens reflex camera commonly known as SLR, a Twin reflex camera known as TLR, rangefinder camera, point and shoot camera, instant cameras, stereo camera, panoramic camera, folding camera and more. They have been in trends for a long period and have amazing qualities. But with the development and evaluation of technology cameras were turned digital too.

Now the market is full of digital cameras. With the arrival of digital cameras, photography has reached a new level. Digital photography needs no photographic films or darkrooms. With digital cameras, images are created using photo sensors and processed later using the software. Digital cameras act and work as an analog camera but with many enhanced features.

Advantages of digital camera


Digital cameras save a lot of money. As in analog cameras, one needs films to capture images and films are expensive. Whereas digital cameras don’t need films. It needs ink and paper to print but that is still so inexpensive as compared to the films. So the Digital camera is cost-efficient.


The digital camera has massive storage as they use memory cards. Memory cards can hold thousands of pictures for as long as required and can be transferred band deleted in almost no time.

Easy to share

Media capture with digital camera and devices are easy to share. Images can be shared using online and offline apps and software. Along with it one can save several copies by making the least efforts and can be saved on different devices.

Easy printing

Digital photographs can be printed easily as compared to films. They don’t need big machines and the entire process. They can be printed using a small printer.


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Computer is a magical electronic device that makes day to day activities a whole lot easier for us. Technically, computer is used to convert raw data into meaningful information. In this age and time, the use of computer is not only reserved for the learned and the knowledge gurus, but can be used by anyone-even a little kid would find something useful to do on it.

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We Shall Discuss The Various Types Of Computer Repairs Services

HARDWARE REPAIRS-this focuses on repairing any physical damage on the computer or it's accessories. FIREWALL AND EMAIL SECURITY SET UP. They should be able to take things in logical order. Ability to meet deadlines and to perform tasks both individually and as a team.

VIRUS REMOVAL- This ensures any virus on the system is removed without risking important information on the computer. Knowing these various types of computer repair services, you would be able to know the particular one needed to resolve your computer's issues.

DATA RECOVERY AND BACK UP- Sometimes important data gets lost due to a viral attack or hardware crash, professional technician maybe able to retrieve such. In order to be able to choose the exact Service that would resolve your computer's specific problem.

TROUBLESHOOTING AND NETWORK SUPPORT- This includes training on how to set up the system network and how to fix network related issues. It may help to know that there are many fast and efficient.

MAINTAINANCE-This will help prolong the computer's life span and also enhance speed. CUSTOMIZATION- Technicians can build a computer customized to your company's particular specifications.

TRAINING -This aims at training staff on newly installed software or a particular program and tutors them on how to resolve small issues in-house. Troubleshooters available online who would carry out your computer repairs.


An IT specialist applies technical expertise to implement, monitor or maintain information system. May also be described as computer system expert who helps in resolving computer related problems. IPod was first released in 2001 and has quickly become the best selling electronic product. It has sold over 297 million units worldwide.


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Our Team

Apart from formal education, the following are the CHARACTERISTICS to look out for in an IT specialist:

KNOWLEDGE-IT specialists should have in depth knowledge of computers generally apart from their particular areas of specialization. They should be extremely knowledgeable about computer hardware, software, circuit board, electronic equipments. Mathematical and statistical competence is of great importance and so also is familiarity with telecommunication system.


COMMUNICATION SKILL- IT Specialists should have excellent verbal and written communication skills to be able to effectively educate clients on necessary issue resolution steps. It is equally important for IT specialists to be able to communicate both technically and non technically. They should be able to describe technical terms in layman’s language and need to be good listeners as well. They should also possess great interpersonal skills.


CERTIFICATION- There are several certifications available to IT specialists that gives them the required qualification to work with certain programs, hardware and operating system.


LOVE FOR TECHNOLOGY- There is always a difference in your level of enthusiasm when you are doing what you love, you tend to do it better and with more Zeal. Loving technology shows in the level of the IT specialist’s level of commitment to tasks and his or her willingness to take up challenging assignments.


COMPETENCE- Competence is highly respected in IT profession; IT Specialists should be deep in their core area of expertise. They should be outstanding in their area of expertise and also have knowledge of related technical areas, that is, they should be familiar with technologies surrounding their primary area of expertise. They should be able to provide constructive solutions to issues.


BUSINESS KNOW HOW- Apart from technical savviness, It is of great importance for IT specialist to be knowledgeable about the business world, in order to serve the business community competently. They must also possess good managing skills such as planning, coordinating and decision making. These characteristics should not be found wanting in an IT specialist.

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